2015-11-17 NOTE: This year we made R packages before we used Make. The hope is, therefore, that the Make that ships with Rtools is all we need. So hopefully we can ignore this?

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Install make on Microsoft Windows

We are still working out the best way to install make on Windows. Our current best recommendation is to install msysGit, which includes make as well as git and bash.

Download and install msysGit. The two software packages msysGit and Git for Windows are related. Both install git and bash, but only msysGit installs make. The programs installed by msysGit are found by default in C:\msysGit\bin. Here is the complete list of programs included with msysGit. For this activity, RStudio needs to be able to find in your PATH environment variable the program make, the shell bash, other utilities like rm and cp, and Rscript.

Here is another alternative for installing make alone:

Update your PATH

If you installed Make for Windows (as opposed to the make that comes with Git for Windows), you still need to update your PATH.

These are the steps on Windows 7 (we don’t have such a write-up yet for Windows 8 – feel free to send one!):

Issues we are still clarifying

See issue 58 for what seems to be the most comprehensive statement of the Windows situation.

What are the tricky bits?

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