R and RStudio

If you have a pre-existing installation of R and/or RStudio, we highly recommend that you reinstall both and get as current as possible. It can be considerably harder to run old software than new.

update.packages(ask = FALSE, checkBuilt = TRUE)

Note: this will only look for updates on CRAN. So if you use a package that lives only on GitHub or if you want a development version from GitHub, you will need to update manually, e.g. via devtools::install_github().

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Add-on packages

R is an extensible system and many people share useful code they have developed as a package via CRAN and GitHub. To install a package from CRAN, for example the dplyr package for data manipulation, here is one way to do it in the R console (there are others).

install.packages("dplyr", dependencies = TRUE)

By including dependencies = TRUE, we are being explicit and extra-careful to install any additional packages the target package, dplyr in the example above, needs to have around.

You could use the above method to install the following packages, all of which we will use:

Further resources

The above will get your basic setup ready but here are some links if you are interested in reading a bit further.