cm001 2017-09-05 Tuesday overview

Register a GitHub account

Do this first!

  • Register for a free individual GitHub account and request the Student Developer Pack. This will give you unlimited private repositories, among other goodies. Do this ASAP! I think a human vets these requests, so don’t delay making this request.
    • As with Twitter (see below), think before you set up your public profile. I suggest you use a real name and begin to build a scholarly identity in social media and coding, but it’s a decision you should make with intention.
  • We will elicit your GitHub username soon so we can add you to the STAT 545 GitHub Organization.
    • We will give you any private repositories you need for this class. So you just need the free individual account, i.e. we don’t have to wait for your Student Developer Pack to get approved.

R and RStudio

Follow these instructions. Eventually we will want you to connect RStudio and Git(Hub) (see next item about installing Git), so if things are going really well, give that a try.

If you have a pre-existing installation of R and/or RStudio, we highly recommend that you reinstall and upgrade to the most recent version. It is very easy and RStudio, specifically, is changing rapidly and positively (written 2016-09). If you upgrade R, you will need to also update any packages you have installed.

Git(Hub) and Git client

  • You can wait a couple days to do this if all the rest is overwhelming. But at least read the pages I link to here and start to prepare your mind.
  • Working with RStudio, Git, GitHub


STAT 545 has a Twitter account! It is currently operated by Jenny Bryan under @STAT545. The Twitter account is used to make micro-announcements, share interesting links, and facilitate a conversation amongst ourselves in public.

In class, we talk about Twitter, its scholarly use, and privacy. Some relevant links:

If you choose not to get a Twitter account, you will want to visit the @STAT545 profile page regularly to see what’s up.

If you set up (or already have a Twitter account), you should follow @STAT545. We will elicit your Twitter handle soon so we can follow you back.

You could also follow us as individuals:

Ditto for the course TAs. You can learn some good people to follow re: data science and R by looking at who we follow and who we have Twitter conversations with.


This is a free hosting service provided by RStudio. It is the fastest way to get a report up on the web, based on an R script or an R Markdown file. But I think its days are numbered. Still, we may use this a little before we move on to other techniques. Registering for a free account is a “nice to do”, not a “must do”.