cm005 2017-09-19 Tuesday overview


  • You should submit Homework 01 sometime today!
    • Get help in class office hours if you’re struggling.
    • Peer review will go at the bottom of Homework 01 page. You’ll be notified via Slack when it has been updated and when action is required.
    • Deadlines for assignments and peer reviews have been put in plain view on syllabus page.
  • Giulio is now taking cm010-cm012, not cm008-cm010. Updated on syllabus page.
  • Homework 02 is ready, and due next Tuesday (Sept 25).
    • You might not be getting a repo on the stat545 org.


For now, don’t worry about data structures in R such as vectors, lists, and matrices. We’ll see these later.

Today’s lecture notes can be found here. I recommend modifying your own copy of these lecture notes in class. The raw RmD file can be found github repo underpinning this website.

The resources underpinning today’s class are:

  1. Care and Feeding of Data in R
  2. dplyr resources: part 1 and part 2.
  3. R for Data Science, Ch5 for dplyr.

Before next class

  • I suggest reading part 1 and part 2 of Jenny’s dplyr tutorial.