cm013 2017-10-17 Tuesday overview


  • Tomorrow, Dr. Tamara Munzner will be giving a guest lecture on data visualization. She’s a prominent thought leader in the field. Wrote quite a profound book on vis.
  • Your peer reviews for Homework 04 should have been submitted by last night.
  • Homework 05 due Friday October 20, 2017
    • This is the last homework of STAT 545.
  • Peer review for Homework 05 due Monday October 23 2017. Also an unusual time. That concludes STAT 545.


We will spend today on ggplot2, looping back now that you have a fair amount of experience. We might not get through all of today’s notes – the rest will remain as a resource.


Jenny’s notes are good alternatives:

You might also be interested in putting multiple plots on a page.