We assume the following:

Instructions for all of this are here:


This will be brief. You’ve done all of this before, in the set-up and test drives above.

Accept my invitation to join the STAT 545 Organization. Check your email.

Note that I have added you to a private repository that belongs only to you. Other students can see this repo, but they cannot edit it. The rest of the world cannot even see it. The TAs and I can see and can write to it, but we probably won’t.

Go to that repository in the browser.

Copy the HTTPS URL. It will be something like this:

In RStudio, start a new Project:

Make some local changes, e.g. edit or add files.

Commit these changes to your local repo.

Pull from GitHub (I’m just trying to help you establish this habit).

Push to GitHub.

Repeat ad nauseum as you do your coursework.