The homework is due Monday, November 28 2016.

What we’ve done

We created a Shiny app that lets you search for products from the BC Liquor Store based on price, alcohol type, and country. We used this dataset and this code for our app.

What you need to do

The app we developed is functional, but there are plenty of improvements that can be made. You can compare the app we developed to my version of this app to get an idea of what a more functional app could include. For the homework, you need to either develop a new Shiny app that uses a different dataset, or add 3 or more features to the BC Liquor Store app.

Regardless of whether you create a new app or just add new features to our BC Liquor Store app, you must do the following 4 things:

  1. Your app should be split into a ui.R file and a server.R file. Note that so far in class we only had our apps inside an app.R file. You can read this official Shiny help page if you need more help with this part.

  2. Your app should be deployed online on Make sure your app actually works online (sometimes your app will work in RStudio but will have errors on - make sure you deploy early and often to make debugging easier).
    • Alternatively, if you want to aim higher, you can contact us once your app is finished and work with us to deploy your app on the UBC Stats Shiny Server.
    • If you want to really challenge yourself, you can try getting your own Shiny Server and host your app yourself. Read this tutorial for help on setting that up.
  3. Add a file to your Shiny app folder in your course repository. In the you should describe your app and add a link to the URL where the app is hosted.

  4. Include the code for your Shiny app in your repository, as the marker will need to review your code.

If you decide to create a new app, then you are free to do whatever you want - get creative! If you want to use the BC Liquor Store app, you need to add at least 3 new features to it. There are countless possibilities, but here are just a few ideas. You can choose any 3 or more ideas from this list or do anything else.


Don’t forget to check out some of the awesome resources for Shiny, they can really help you out.


Your peer reviewer will evaluate your app based only on the Shiny app that you deploy and on the file that described what you app does. Your peer reviewer will not download your code. Therefore, you really need to make sure your app works on, otherwise your reviewer will not be able to give you a mark.

The course TA that will mark your assignment will also look at your code, so make sure you include the code for the app.

Check minus: The deployed app does not work or results in many errors. There is no README file describing what app does.

Check: Shiny app runs. The README file describes either a new app or 3+ additions to our BC Liquor Store app. Whatever is described in the README is actually implemented in the app.

Check plus: Amazing Shiny app. Lots of new features or a very cool new app idea. App looks great visually. App is deployed on a Shiny Server instead of on

Recall the general homework rubric.