Disclaimer: info given in good faith, but subject to change!


date notes
sep-06 tues cm001: Intro to course; S/W install; acct sign-ups
sep-08 thurs cm002: Deep Thoughts about data analytic work; intro to R and RStudio
sep-13 tues cm003: Git(Hub) test drive, run/render an R script
sep-15 thurs cm004: R Markdown test drive
sep-20 tues cm005: Care and feeding of data frames or “tibbles”
sep-22 thurs cm006: First look at dplyr, %>%, and ggplot2
sep-27 tues cm007: ggplot2
sep-29 thurs cm008: dplyr: mutate, group, summarize
oct-04 tues cm009: Tidy data, reshaping
oct-06 thurs cm010: dplyr joins, minimum “need to know” re: R as a programming language
oct-11 tues cm011: R as a programming language, getting data out of R (and back in)
oct-13 thurs cm012: Be the boss of your factors, getting data out of R (and back in)
oct-18 tues cm013: Revisit ggplot, practicalities of daily figure-making
oct-20 thurs cm014: Visualization Analysis and Design: Tamara Munzer guest lecture


date notes
oct-25 tues cm101: Regular expressions and character data
oct-27 thurs cm102: Writing your own R functions
nov-01 tues cm103: purrr, list-columns, nested data frames 1
nov-03 thurs cm104: purrr, list-columns, nested data frames 2
nov-08 tues cm105: Automate tasks and pipelines (Shaun Jackman)
nov-10 thurs cm106: ditto
nov-15 tues cm107: Build your first Shiny app (Dean Attali)
nov-17 thurs cm108: ditto
nov-22 tues cm109: Build your first R package
nov-24 thurs cm110: ditto
nov-29 tues cm111: Get data from the web (scraping and APIs)
dec-01 thurs cm112: ditto