We work on visualization throughout the course. Here are the bits in rough order of presentation.

  • Chapter 22 - R graphics landscape slides
    • Why we prefer ggplot2 over base R graphics or lattice
    • The underappreciated importance of data frames, tidy data, and factor management to graphics
    • Basic jargon of ggplot2
  • Chapter 23 - Learning ggplot2 by using it
    • My ggplot2 tutorial gives indicative code and all resulting figures
    • Scatterplots, stripplots, distributions, bars, themes, managing a color scheme, bubble and line plots
  • Chapter 24 - Do’s and don’ts of making effective graphs
    • Effective = easy for audience to decode numerical info
    • Our ability to decode position along common axis >> area, angle, color, etc.
  • Colors
    • Chapter 25 - Using colors in R
    • Chapter 26 Taking control of qualitative colors in ggplot2
  • Practical pro tips, i.e. a return to mechanics
    • Chapter 27 - Secrets of happy graphing life: data.frames! tidy data! factors!
    • Chapter 28 - Writing figures to file
    • Chapter 29 - Multiple plots on a page