• Chapter 30 - Writing your first R package slides
    • What is an R package?
    • What is a library?
    • Why make an R package?
    • How devtools creates a happy workflow.
  • Chapter 31 - Prepare your system for package development
    • Although we’ll build a very simple package, we’re still going to use the most modern and powerful tools for R package development. In theory, this could eventually involve compiling C/C++ code, which means you need what’s called a build environment. See Chapter 31 for help preparing your system.
  • Chapter 32 - Write your own R Package
    • A guided walk-through of creating a small package from scratch.


  • R Packages book: the second edition is under development by Hadley Wickham and Jennifer Bryan.
  • Writing R Extensions, the One True Official Document on creating R packages.